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All-In-One Solution for Administrative & Financial Needs

GLASS™ (Grand Lodge Administrative Support System) is an information management system designed for Masonic organizations, fraternities and sororities. The software allows lodge officers and staff to manage all lodge administrative and financial information in one integrated, user-friendly system. Information entered at the local lodge and district levels can be viewed by staff at the grand chapter level.

Our FaithWorks® GLASS™ Software is a Cloud-based solution. Features include:

  • Secure Remote Access

  • Access your church data 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

  • Access your church data from any PC or Mac computer, tablet or other device with a web browser

  • Automatic daily backups

  • Automatic software upgrades

  • Signature technical support

Key Features

Software Implementation and Training

We offer a multi-step implementation process for FaithWorks® GLASS™ software. For new customers, the first year includes three months of web-based training:

  • Step 1 – Convert existing membership data (if possible)

  • Step 2 – Assist staff with adding contributions to FaithWorks® GLASS™

  • Step 3 – Assist staff with adding expenditures to FaithWorks® GLASS™

  • Step 4 – Assist staff with bank account reconciliations and reporting